#6 The Truth about Joovv Red Light Therapy.

Let's run the numbers...

We wrote a Twitter thread going over some of the numbers on our devices as well as Joovv’s which is representative of all the panels since they’re practically all the same other than price and branding. While of course we expected to find not so great results for Joovv, we were caught off-guard mid-thread by our own numbers not being quite what we would have liked. There’s a lesson in there. Physics bends for no one.

First, Some Updates:

As you’ve probably noticed, we haven’t sent out a new issue of this newsletter for a while. This one is only a sort of intermission newsletter. It does not have the depth of content I’d like and it’s missing the anchor content of research summaries (probably have ~2,000 studies in my inbox piling up).

Also, if you don’t follow our Facebook or Instagram, you might not know we started selling the near-infrared IronForge and Nightshade glasses a few weeks ago.

Both of those have small batches that are nearly finishing production, though the IronForges still need to have the cover-plate re-designed before final assembly. Those in particular are limited in number so order sooner if you want to ensure you aren’t waiting another 2 months or more. I’m probably going to be waiting on my Black Series given popularity :/

I’ve recently started working on a new aerospace/advanced-materials/manufacturing startup, and last week launched CopperCoater, a copper-loaded spray paint to help combat COVID19 (copper kills coronaviruses and almost every other pathogen upon contact).

This limits the time I can spend on Chroma so if you’re interested in working with us, please respond to this newsletter or email me at michael@getchroma.co (might not have something immediately available, but have some projects under development that may allow us to hire suddenly).

Finally, when I started this newsletter, I mentioned I would include essays that are a bit more abstract to explain the meta-context behind the failures in health institutions. Their failure to achieve health in society is now more obvious than ever. That sort of content will be written in my other newsletter instead: http://astigmatic.substack.com/

If you want to buy a pair of Nightshades and improve your sleeping patterns, or an IronForge for everything near-infrared can do, go check out our website:

CHROMA Website